Accellix Case Study

Accellix Case Study


Accellix’s groundbreaking solutions highlight the importance of having a strategic recruitment partner like Hartmann Young when identifying and attracting top talent and showcasing the transformative impact of new technologies on traditional healthcare systems.

We spoke to Rey Mali, VP of Sales & Marketing at Accellix, to learn more about their recruitment challenges and how Hartmann Young was able to provide tailored solutions that met their unique needs.

At Hartmann Young, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional recruitment solutions that connect top talent with innovative companies in the life sciences sector. Our expertise and extensive network have enabled us to build long-standing partnerships with some of the industry's most revolutionary and cutting-edge organisations.

The Story of Accellix

Since being founded in 2007, Accellix has significantly impacted the life sciences industry, with leading pharmaceutical companies, academic institutions, and government agencies worldwide using their products.

Based in California, Accellix provides advanced laboratory instrumentation and software solutions to support the development of diagnostics, cell and gene therapies, and vaccines. Their mission is to accelerate and improve the development of life-saving treatments by providing their clients with accurate and reliable tools to optimise their research and manufacturing processes.

Accellix offers a range of solutions, including their proprietary cell culture monitoring system, the Accellix CM™, which enables real-time monitoring and control of cell growth and productivity. The system provides critical information to researchers and manufacturers, allowing them to optimise conditions and improve the quality and yield of their cell-based products. In addition, their rapid diagnostic testing platform, the Accellix Dx™, allows for detecting infectious diseases, including COVID-19, with fast and accurate results. The platform can deliver results in as little as 30 minutes, enabling healthcare professionals to make informed decisions quickly and effectively.

Accellix has also developed a software platform, the Accellix Suite™, which streamlines the workflow of laboratory operations, reducing the risk of human error and increasing efficiency. The platform integrates with Accellix's instrumentation and other laboratory equipment, providing a complete solution for researchers and manufacturers.

In the recent pandemic, their Accellix Dx™ platform proved to be a vital tool for these organisations, enabling the rapid testing of over 200,000 COVID-19 samples. Their software solutions have also helped reduce operational costs and improve workflow efficiency for numerous laboratories enabling scientists and medical professionals to focus more on their research and patient care.

Accellix continues to significantly impact the life sciences industry by providing innovative and advanced solutions for research and development. Their products have significantly reduced the time and cost of traditional methods, resulting in more efficient processes and faster discovery of new therapies. In addition, by enabling researchers to gain more accurate and reliable results, their cutting-edge technology has led to drug development and clinical trial breakthroughs.

Furthermore, Accellix benefits the world by advancing our understanding of diseases and improving treatments, ultimately leading to better patient outcomes and a healthier global population.

The Challenge

Accellix's search for a recruitment partner stemmed from their need to address challenges they were experiencing in their hiring process. 

They needed a recruitment partner that could deliver on cost-effectiveness, flexibility and speed of search while also ensuring a strong cultural fit for their team. In addition, it was important for Accellix to find candidates who were passionate about their mission and the work they were doing. They were looking for a partner who could understand their business goals and objectives and provide them with top talent who shared their vision and values.

In 2020, we reached out to Accellix after recognising their potential as a fast-growing biotech organisation with an impressive funding situation. Our conversations revolved around identifying several candidates within our immediate network that we believed would be a good fit for Accellix's team. Through diligent market research, we uncovered their unique pain points and recruitment requirements, which we promptly addressed to deliver a tailored recruitment solution. We recognised that cultural fit was also extremely important, given Accellix's small organisation size at the time, and worked closely with their hiring teams to ensure that candidates shared the same values and vision as the company.

Considering these challenges, we were confident that our extensive industry experience, vast network of high-quality candidates, and dedication to building strong relationships with our clients made us the ideal recruitment partner for Accellix.

Our Solution 

We understood that Accellix's unique needs and challenges required a tailored recruitment solution. Based on our initial conversations, we recommended our retained executive search service, which involved gaining upfront commitment from Accellix, allowing us to use our wealth of resources to map out the market and provide them with the best talent available.

We recognised that transparency and honesty about cultural fit were also essential in this process. So our team went beyond just recommending candidates for their experience; we found out about their internal drives and interest levels in the organisation to ensure that the candidates were qualified and aligned with Accellix's culture and values.

We provided regular updates and progress reports throughout the recruitment process to ensure transparency and accountability. Our team also leveraged our industry expertise and extensive network to identify and attract top talent to the position, ensuring every candidate was thoroughly vetted and matched with Accellix's unique requirements.

‘The level of expertise that Hartmann Young was able to provide us and the level of service was unlike anything that I've gotten in the past 20 years.’ 

Rey Mali VP of Sales & Marketing
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The Results

We are proud to have supported Accellix in achieving their business growth goals through our exceptional recruitment services. Over the last three years, we have placed 16 roles across their US and European commercial teams, contributing to the company's growth from approximately 30 FTEs to over 80 FTEs in this time. Our recruitment efforts for Accellix were focused on two key regions - Europe and North America, where we have leveraged our extensive understanding of the healthcare and life sciences landscape. 

Our expertise in these markets has enabled us to successfully place a diverse range of positions at Accellix, from Technical Sales Specialists and Field Application Specialists to Director-level positions, including their Director of Global Sales in the US and Head of European Sales in London.

Our partnership with Accellix has been built on our understanding of their unique business needs and our extensive knowledge of the life sciences and healthcare industries. We take pride in our ability to identify and attract the best talent to support their growth objectives. Our success has been reflected in Accellix's high level of satisfaction with our services. ‘The level of expertise that Hartmann Young was able to provide us and the level of service was unlike anything that I've gotten in the past 20 years.’ 

We believe that Accellix's success is based on the quality of their staff, and we are honoured to have played a significant role in helping them achieve their growth objectives. Our commitment to providing exceptional service and understanding their unique business needs has resulted in a successful partnership, and we look forward to continuing to support Accellix in the future.

Our Vision for the Future

Our partnership with Accellix's advanced platforms has been incredibly successful in combining state-of-the-art technology with exceptional talent and we are thrilled to be working alongside such a groundbreaking organisation and look forward to continuing our collaboration in the future.

We’d also like to thank Rey Mali, VP of Sales & Marketing at Accellix, for taking the time to sit down with us and showcase this relationship’s first-hand impact.

If you’re a BioTech organisation looking to enhance your recruitment strategy, specialist recruitment agencies like ourselves offer the expertise and investment to understand your hiring challenges and needs. We take the time to integrate ourselves and become an extension of your business to deliver outstanding talent, ready to make a difference. 

Explore the wealth of services we have to offer at Hartmann Young and unlock your potential today. Alternatively, if you’re looking to incorporate cutting-edge biotech solutions to advance your scientific discoveries and accelerate research, explore the innovative solutions Accellix offers. Together, we can drive positive change in the biotech industry and improve the lives of millions of people worldwide.

Visit Accellix’s website here: Accellix | Fully Automated Cartridge Based Flow Cytometer