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As experts in molecular diagnostics, we excel in pinpointing and supporting outstanding senior talent. Our expert consultants are committed to building meaningful connections within specialised niches. We utilise our extensive networks to source and create tailored opportunities for candidates on a global scale, spanning the UK, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa and the USA. What sets us apart? Our deep industry knowledge of the sector, developed over years of experience.

With a dedicated team immersed in the intricacies of molecular diagnositcs, our directors possess 8 to 10 years of specialised expertise, while our consultants bring a collective experience of over 3 years within the sector. Our extensive knowledge allows us to provide valuable insights into job specifics and client backgrounds, ensuring seamless alignment with individual candidate motivators and career aspirations. 

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Shaping your Future in Senior Molecular Diagnostics Jobs

At Hartmann Young, we recognise that the molecular diagnostics sector plays a vital role in the healthcare industry. By detecting genetic variations to diagnose and monitor diseases accurately, it combines laboratory science, genomics, and technology to reveal the genetic roots of inherited conditions for precise diagnosis. Techniques like next-generation sequencing provide insights into disease mechanisms, while genomic biomarkers enable personalised treatments, emphasising their crucial role in advancing global patient care.

A career in molecular diagnostics offers an exciting and rewarding path in healthcare. This sector provides opportunities to work at the forefront of cutting-edge technology, including genomics and laboratory science advancements. With your ability to detect genetic variations, accurately diagnose diseases, and contribute to business growth, operations, or research and development, you play a crucial role in improving patient outcomes and advancing the industry. 

Senior Molecular Diagnostics Salary Expectations

Given your expertise in molecular diagnostics, your proficiency could propel you towards senior roles within the field. Your ability to translate complex concepts into accessible information positions you for roles where you'll drive greater influence. 

Here are some key senior roles within molecular diagnostics and their average salary expectations:

If you possess deep medical, clinical and regulatory knowledge in molecular diagnostics and possess between 10-15 years of experience within the field, a CMO could be the job for you. Here, you lead clinical operations, ensuring the accuracy and compliance of testing services. You develop strategic plans, collaborate with stakeholders, drive innovation for enhanced patient care, and uphold high standards of quality and ethical practice within the organisation.

Average Salary Expectations: £113k - £210k

To succeed as a Chief Marketing Officer in molecular diagnostics, you'll need expertise in marketing, specific industry knowledge, strong leadership and strategic thinking. Experience requirements typically range from 7 to 10 years or more within marketing roles, preferably in diagnostics. Here, you’ll lead marketing teams to conduct market research to develop and execute marketing strategies to drive brand awareness, customer engagement, and revenue growth.

Average Salary Expectations: £69k - £135k

To thrive as the Head of R&D in molecular diagnostics, you should possess a strong biomedical sciences background, expertise in molecular diagnostics, and key skills like leadership, strategic planning, and project management. Candidates typically require 10 to 15 years of R&D experience in healthcare or diagnostics. Here, you'll lead research and development efforts, oversee the creation of new diagnostic products, manage project timelines and budgets, and ensure compliance with regulatory standards. 

Average salary expectations: £53k - £100k

Our Other Sub-Specialisms

At Hartmann Young, our expertise in molecular diagnostics allows our team of consultants to source optimal solutions for senior candidates.

Our Focus

We focus on a range of specialisms within the diagnostics sector. Our expertise enables us to deliver tailor-made solutions to our candidates, helping them to achieve their strategic objectives and succeed in an increasingly competitive and complex industry.

In Vitro Diagnostics

Fueled by profound industry insights, we specialise in matching professionals with in vitro diagnostics jobs that align with personal ambitions. We are committed to delivering exceptional solutions as we recognise the rapid industry growth in the competitive sector. 

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Point of Care Diagnostics

Tap into the strength of our diagnostics recruitment agency, granting you access to global companies within the sector. We prioritise comprehending the career aspirations, motivations, and future career goals of each candidate, enabling us to form personalised solutions.

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Tissue Diagnostics

Our team is committed to closing talent gaps by linking specialised tissue diagnostic expertise with global enterprises. With our team's extensive knowledge and board networks, we provide outstanding recruitment solutions customised to meet the changing needs of our candidates.

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Companion Diagnostics

As we acknowledge the competitive companion diagnostics industry, we prioritise effective solutions. We tap into our extensive networks and talent pools to provide suitable global placements in senior companion diagnostics jobs, within both industry startups and well established enterprises. 

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With the rapidly progressing genomics market, the competition for talent is vast. Our specialised genomics recruitment firm is devoted to connecting top talent to global organisations. With our extensive talent pools and industry knowledge, we deliver unrivalled results.

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Our Locations

With our deep understanding of various cultures, global markets, and current trends, we create placement strategies to help you land your dream role. We collaborate with leading global molecular diagnostics companies to offer optimal career opportunities within the sector.

We collaborate with various clients throughout the APAC region, including emerging startups and well-established molecular diagnostic companies. Using our extensive knowledge of the sector and the region, we connect candidates to profound global businesses.


We have strong relationships with various clients within the EMEA region, ranging from startups to global molecular diagnostic brands. We have experience in aligning top talent to positions ranging from Account manager jobs to Director of Business Development roles across the EU.

We partner with extensive clients in the US, ranging from early-stage firms to well-established molecular diagnostics companies. Our team builds strong client relationships to enable suitable placement of senior candidates in molecular diagnostic jobs that align with individual goals and values.

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